Dr. Kyle Steineman DC, ATC, CCSP, CNS, TSA-F
Associate Chiropractor


Dr. Kyle grew up playing many sports including baseball, basketball and American football. He sustained several bumps and bruises along the way and personally benefited immensely from conservative musculoskeletal care. His athletic career and interest in human performance inspired him to earn a Bachelors in Athletic Training, Doctor of Chiropractic, International Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and a Fellowship in Nutrition and Sports Chiropractic in addition to teaching rehabilitation to doctors in the US, China and Hong Kong.

What Dr. Kyle finds most inspiring, is helping to increase the quality of life in those with chronic pain or who have been through multiple healthcare practitioners unable to return to 100%. He uses his international speaking experience to help educate his patients so they can speed the healing process and use tools to prevent reinjury. Some of the many “tools” he utilizes are myofascial release, neuro-muscular re-education, IASTM, athletic taping, sports rehabilitation and nutritional counselling, McKenzie Technique and rehabilitative stretching.

In his spare time, you can typically find him somewhere playing basketball, beach volleyball, or on a nature hike.