Dr. Reid Robinson DC
Chiropractor, Wellness Practitioner


Dr. Reid is a serial health nut and has been studying human wellness and longevity for over 20 years. He is a living, breathing billboard for the Wellness Lifestyle and utilizes a variety of chiropractic, soft tissue, and rehabilitative techniques, which not only eliminate symptoms, but improve overall function of the human mind-body.

He is known for his compassion, easy-going personality and specialty in acute and chronic spinal pain, headaches, TMJ syndrome, disc conditions, sports injuries, and wellness lifestyle education. He believes strongly in patient education and empowering patients to improve the quality of their lives, knowing that people who know more about their conditions achieve their health goals quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Reid worked as an assistant physiotherapist over four years for what is now the Canadian Back Institute. Dr. Reid attended the University of Victoria in British Columbia where he focused in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in Physical Anthropology and Psychology. He was also a personal strength trainer, nationally certified coach in badminton and archery, and worked as an assistant trainer for the junior national rugby team of Canada. Dr. Reid enjoys many sports but his passions are competing in adventure races and obstacle challenges, two’s beach volleyball, and trekking in remote locations such as Nepal, Patagonia, and Iceland.

Dr. Reid graduated Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, in 2000, and has been practicing in Bermuda since 2001.  His post-doctorate research and seminars have allowed him to develop a comprehensive Wellness Paradigm model and apply it within his successful practice, for the past 15 years. He has treated everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors, newborns to the elderly, and is humbled by the simple complexity of the mind-body. His background and experiences have led him to conclude that ANY person (young or “old”), with knowledge, inspiration, and action, can achieve extraordinary human health. He is committed to inspiring the health and well-being of his patients, through a whole person approach, education, and role modelling. He professes strategies for better health through better living, and by working with nature, rather than against it.